Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solutions to fossil fuels

As a finite resource, oil, and in turn gas and diesel, is eventually going to run out. For car lovers everywhere, this means that alternatives have to be successful, otherwise it may be a return to the days of horse-drawn carriage for all of us.
Of course, the impact from using, refining and also finding oil and other fossil fuels are vast and have a significant negative impact on the environment. All kinds of pollution stem from fossil fuels, including immediate dangers to the planet, such as, most significantly, the dramatic increase of greenhouse gas emissions. The only way to counter these issues is to find alternatives that allow us to produce cheap, clean and also plentiful energy – so, here are some of the alternatives:

Hydrogen fuel cells

The holy grail of power sources for transportation is H2. Hydrogen power is readily available, if only the car industry can come up with a cost-effective way to use it. The creation of a economically viable hydrogen fuel cell is being applied in some car models and buses, especially in Europe. One major advantage of using H2 in transportation is that its only emissions are water and oxygen.


The distillation or fermenting of crops has been used to make people merrier for millennium now, however it can also be used to create more efficient, greener transportation...

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